Shopping in Hanoi

Image: Hanoi Shopping - Up to Seconds

Hanoi is well-known for its shopping. The city has some unbeatable markets with artisanal crafts, knock-offs that could be real (and often are) and street shopping. But Hanoi also has some fantastic local design talent found in boutique stores just a few blocks away from the bargain shops - and often at prices not too far off from the bargain stores! Here's a list of a few of my favorites (in no particular order). 

Image: Hanoi Shopping - Lim Less is More

LIM Less Is More

Packed with Korean- and Chinese-designed casual wear.

MAY Boutique

One of my favourites in Hanoi, MAY Boutique carries both casual and work-appropriate clothing with prices starting as low at $6 without sacrificing (too much) on design or quality. 

Up To Seconds

Another favorite, Up to Seconds employs a team of young, local Vietnamese designers to create the collections for their seven stores around the city. The prices here are a little higher than the others on the list but worth every penny. 


Germe Shop

This little shop has accessible designs and prices. If you're looking for fun and floral, this is your store. 


Found among the infamous Dien Bien Phy train tracks that run through the middle of Hanoi, Transs offers traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai dresses using beautiful fabrics, including silk and linen, at great prices. The designer's enthusiasm for her business and customers is infectious, making every guest feel very welcome in the cozy store. 

Sunny Kusa

Like LIM, Sunny Rusa carries a lot of interesting Korean- and Chinese-designed casual wear. 


All my slumber party dreams came true at this pyjama store. There's a huge selection of styles, cuts and prints to help you look extremely coordinated for bed.