Where to Eat & Drink in Mexico City

Lardo Mexico

Lardo Mexico


The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Mexico City

When we started our nine-month trip around the world a year and a half ago, our first stop was Mexico. We spent five weeks in the country, visiting our old stomping ground, San Miguel de Allende, relaxing by the beach in Zihuatanejo and capping it off with a week in Mexico City. We loved Mexico City so much, we went back for an extra long weekend recently.

Something to note, Mexico City loves reservations. Want to grab an afternoon drink on the patio? Make a reservation. Want to have dinner on a Tuesday night? Make a reservation. Want to grab a quick bite? Make a reservation. I think you know where we're going with this. Bars and restaurants around the city definitely leave space open for walk ins, but if you want the prime real estate and a guarantee that you'll get a table, make a reservation.

Here are a few of the best places to eat and drink in Mexico City, in no particular order.


Panaderia Rosetta

We visited this bakery every morning for a scone and a cappuccino. There are two locations, and both are worth visiting. The one in La Roma neighborhood is our favorite though for the small and cozy atmosphere. If you have reservations, head to their restaurant, Rosetta, across the street for great food and a house we wish was ours. 

The cozy space at Panaderia Rosetta in La Roma

The cozy space at Panaderia Rosetta in La Roma



By the same people that own Rosetta and Panaderia Rosetta. This mediterranean restaurant is in the Condesa neighborhood and is very popular, so make sure you make reservations. Don't worry if you can get any though, because they usually have space at the bar. I'll admit it, we went to Lardo twice. 

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Casa Virginia

While the decor is very understated, the food at this spot is truly amazing. Casa Virginia offers a mix of Mexican and French-inspired food, but we stuck to the Mexican dishes and are still thinking about their crab tostada. We made a reservation for 8pm and it was almost completely empty. So, if you want a little atmosphere, make sure to book dinner a little later.

El Moro

We haven't had churros this good in over a decade. Just the right amount of crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The original location is in the historic district, but there are a few more locations around the city opened by the original founders sons with a little more atmosphere. 

The Corner & The Street

And by this, we mean the tacos stands on the street. This is where you'll find some of the best food in the city. Take a chance (as long as your stomach can handle it) and you'll walk away crazy satisfied, barely making a dent in your wallet. There is beef cooked a dozen different ways, nopales (cactus), pork, chicken, you name it. Don't leave the city without trying food at one or more of these stands. 

Image: Best Places to Eat and Drink in Mexico City - Mexico City Travel Tips - La Roma



Make a reservation and relax with a drink on their beautifully lit courtyard patio. 

The indoor bar at Huset

The indoor bar at Huset

The courtyard patio at Huset

The courtyard patio at Huset



You probably don't need reservations for this one. With a very relaxed atmosphere, it's a great spot for a break on their patio with a cold drink after wandering around La Roma neighborhood.




La Zatanda Miravalle

Order one of their Micheladas, our favourite was their Mango Michelada, and do some good people watching here. There are a lot of good restaurants and bars a stone's throw from here too, if you feel like bar hopping.


Truly not the best customer service but a nice space with good drinks, food and a very lively atmosphere. If you want to a fun night out, this is a good place to start. 

Hanky Panky

Ok, we didn't actually get a chance to visit this cocktail bar but a friend of ours from Mexico City highly recommended it. While it is technically a members only club, they do open it up. Make a reservation or, if you can't make one online, give them a call.