Devouring Seville

Image: Devouring Seville - Plaza de España

This summer, we decided to finally visit Seville. We usually do research before we head to a new place: where to eat, drink, things to see, etc. And we did do that this time. The only thing we didn't research? The weather. In July, the south of Spain is HOT - we nearly melted with the 40 degrees celsius/105 degrees farenheit every day. But it was a minor inconvenience really. Despite the sweltering temperatures, we didn’t want to leave Seville. The food was incredible, drinks were cheap and delicious and the people were among the friendliest in Spain.

Some advice we received from our family in Spain: Siestas are a thing in the south for a reason. Those are the hottest hours of the day so we join the locals and have a mid-day siesta during those hours. Wake up, eat, explore, eat, siesta, and then explore and eat again - or however you want to do it! 

Here are a few of our favorite places to eat in Seville - and a little bonus tip!

Tapas, Tapas, Tapas

The Sevillians, or Sevillanos, take their tapas very seriously. So seriously that they have a verb for it. Instead of “going for tapas”, you “tapear”. There are so many great places throughout the city, a tapas crawl might be in order. 

Image: Devouring Seville - Tapas
  • Casa Ricardo – In Alameda area; incredible food and cheap drinks, but only a verbal menu (if you don’t speak Spanish they do have some food on the bar that you can point to) – the décor is pretty interesting, dedicated to Seville’s biggest holiday, the Semana Santa (or Holy Week)
  • Bodega Santa Cruz – Near the main sights with cheap tapas and drinks
  • Sal Gorda – For a sit-down dinner; the dishes were tapas-style and really tasty
  • Las Teresas – Close to the main sights; go for a drink mainly, the tapas were so-so
  • Bar el Commercio – Go for the churros and get them “con chocolate” for chocolate dipping goodness
  • Bodega El Picadero – Nice spot to grab a coffee and montaditos (little sandwiches)
  • Vermuteria Palabra de Bar – If you’re into vermouth they have a great selection
  • Corta y Cata – Butcher located in the market under the Metrpol Parasol; the Iberian ham here is 100% acorn fed and just melts in your mouth
  • Heladeria La Fiorentina – Spanish ice cream establishment run by a local that loved Florence; try the orange flower flavor for something unique
Many of the bars and restaurants around Seville are dedicated Semana Santa, the Holy Week in April

Many of the bars and restaurants around Seville are dedicated Semana Santa, the Holy Week in April


Devour Food Tour

As you probably know by now, we’re both big-time food lovers. We usually plan our time in a city around its food. During our travels, we’ve been finding a great way to learn more about a city and its culture is to do a food tour.  In Seville we did the Tastes, Tapas & Traditions of Seville Food Tour with Devour Seville. It was a great way to learn about Seville’s history and culture through its food. Our guide Sarah was very friendly and informative. Sarah showed us where to find authentic, local dishes and the stories and context behind them. 

Traditional jamon Iberico (Iberian ham) at the market under the Metropol Parasol 

Traditional jamon Iberico (Iberian ham) at the market under the Metropol Parasol 


non-sequitur: See a Flamenco Show

This isn’t really on theme, but we thought we should to mention it. While you’re in Seville, seeing a Flamenco show is a must. Sadly for us, thanks to the heat, most locals were cooling off at the beach and the majority of the genuine local flamenco clubs were closed because of it. Not wanting to miss out, we went to a touristy flamenco show at Casa del Flamenco. It was only an hour long but a very fun experience. 

If you're not there during the the hot-as-hell season, most of the authentic flamenco clubs are located in across the river in the neighborhood of Triana. Locals told us to visit Casa Anselama, Lo Nuestro, Bar El Rejoneo and Casa Cuesta

Image: Devouring Seville - El Picadero